Local Weather



SpringThis is the most varied time of the year. There are the mild spring days that create spring fever and in the midst of the spring fever we can get spell of heavy snow. March and April are usually the months we have the most snow with up to 24″ per month. What is so great about Colorado? Even when you get this much snow it will usually clear out quickly and the Sun comes back. The next day starts a quick “solar” melt that provides the water we need to keep our creeks flowing and ponds and lakes full. Most seasonal creeks, ponds, etc. will run from April thru July. August will start to dry out and September will usually be the time that the flows may dry up.


SummerDaytime temperatures are comfortable – averaging in the 80’s and 90’s with very little humidity. The evenings cool off nicely especially in the mountain areas for a wonderful nights rest. The vegetation turns a beautiful green and the grassy green meadows have wildflowers in abundance. Sunshine and afternoon showers are what brings folks to Colorado. Summertime in this area of Colorado is beautiful, you can’t ask for more.


FallThis time of year is absolutely gorgeous in this area. The oak brush turns fantastic colors and the variety of vegetation can create a beautiful picture that would rival anything on the cover of a magazine. The areas of aspen are what Colorado is famous for. The touch of frost in the air in the late fall is what makes the change of seasons so refreshing and unique to our location. Indian Summer is the expression used here for the fall. It can stay mild clear into October with warm days and frost at night.


WinterWinter is truly is a wonderland in Colorado. Snow can fall as early as September and not make an appearance again until Thanksgiving. You never know when the weather will change. After a snow it can warm up for several days and surprise you again with mild and sunny days for outdoor activities. It is not unheard of at all for it to reach 60 degrees in January. Imagine Christmas morning waking up to a frost-tipped pine forest with pure blue skies and a deer in the yard. The snow capped mountain ranges and peaks complete the picture. This isa typical scene here. Skiing, sledding, and snow shoveling are all typical activities in the winter. A week later an afternoon walk, raking up the leaves you missed in the fall, or washing your car can be your choice of outdoor fun.